Bridgina Molloy has been writing since she was in pre-school (Kindergarten), and she thinks that now in her 50s, she may finally have some idea of what she is doing.

Bridgina was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the middle of the 60’s, and moved South of the Boarder in the early 70’s with the rest of her family, two brothers and two sisters, parents and a dog named Dino.

When eventually  she got into St. Patrick’s Comprehensive school in Shannon, She found Her self being encouraged by a rather eccentric English Teacher, who liking what Bridgina wrote, and had her read her essay’s out for the class. Although Bridgina didn’t finish Secondary School, she eventually (after many years and adventures) went to the University of Limerick and obtained not just a Bachelors Degree in History, Sociology and Women’s Studies, but managed to obtain a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies, while raising three children as a lone parent and moving from a three bed-roomed house into a small apartment.

When those children were still young, as a family unit they all moved to America on a Donnelly Visa, only to have the marriage break up and for her and the three young children at the time move back to Ireland.

Once back from America Bridgina found herself once again attending her old Comprehensive, where she succeeded in passing a Tourism and Business Awareness Course. In 2001 She was able to obtain a place on the ACCESS to Third Level program in Limerick City, which got her into the University of Limerick (UL), There she achieved the previously mentioned BA and MA.

On October 31, 2010, She was hand fasted to her beautiful wife in a ceremony that took place in Limerick City. They both chose a date that they were both crazy about Halloween / Samhain. They had both met in a place called Bar 3, and it wasn’t until several months later that they actually started dating. They now live up the side of a mountain in County Clare, with two Yorkie – Apsos (Freya and Diablo), as well as one slightly elderly cat (Diana).

On her book shelves among the books on writing, fantasy and LGBT histories and fiction, there are several box folders of hand written novels, that have gotten as far as the end of a first draft, or third draft and no further. After some encouragement, she came to the conclusion that it was about time to shake the dust off them and actually do something about sharing them with the world. That something has resulted in the publication of her first book in the Transdimensional Guardians series called ‘Sorcery’ as an e-book on Amazon.