B is for…

FeaturedB is for…

BROOM (The) This is a story about a witches broom with a mind of it’s own (as most brooms do), who gets picked up by mistake by a mundane person who brings it home to use to brush her floors, the broom has other ideas of course. It however does have to deal with a dog who wants to pee on it, and a cat, who thinks it’s funny to chew it’s straw. The Broom also chases burglars, gets rid of arrogant mice and a lord rat, saves the day after an accident by bringing it’s mistress to the hospital when the family’s car isn’t available, then ends up being the guest of honor, all dressed up in it’s finery at a wedding or hand-fasting ceremony.

BOOTS (The) Based on a true story, about a girl, bed bound, due to a death dealing illness, who liked activity, walking, hiking, and climbing, who cannot anymore, who spends time between medications looking at her hiking boots tied by the laces on a hook on the back of her bedroom door, and also spends time looking at the hills outside her window, using them as tools to help her get better as ‘one day I’ll wear those damn boots back up that damn hill’. The mother thinking that the boots reminding her of when she was healthier tidies up the room when the daughter is at treatment, and the daughter is devastated thinking that the boots are gone, but the mother had simply thrown them in the bottom of her wardrobe. The girl explains that they were giving her motivation, and true enough, her health starts to improve, the stronger she gets the more she is determined to get up those damn hills, in those damn boots. Eventually she does just that, and once she comes down the hill, all pink cheeked and happy, she gets oil paints and using the mountains as her muse, paints the boots, coating them in a clear varnish when done, and hangs them where she can see them every single day, as a reminder that when she can set her mind to something, she can do it – now if you want, you can write it another way, even though that’s not what happened, but make the story your own.

BOGEY (The) A creature that all children are warned about, as they are growing up, something that they are afraid off, but as it turns out, it’s misunderstood and is upset when the children can no longer see it as that means that the children are now the Monsters as the Bogey see it.

BOND (The) a dying woman is found by a dragon, who has young with it, the woman begs the Dragon not to kill the child with her, but instead to take it and keep it safe from the people who desire to kill it. The Dragon doesn’t get an opportunity to decline, and is rather annoyed that it’s babies are playing away with the child, and seemingly becoming attached. The dragon lets the child live, but goes off with it’s children back to it’s lair, it feels guilty, thinking about the small defenseless creature, and it doesn’t help that her own little ones are asking questions about it, so she goes back and finds it, just before a troop of killers find the bodies of it’s mother and the dead protectors. The dragon now raises the child with her own, there is a hell of a lot to overcome, but the bond between the two dragon babies and the human is intense.

BAKER (The) A bakery opens in town, no one knows the owner / baker, but everything they get tastes amazing, and they get exactly what they need when they need it. Everyone agrees that the baker is a lovely person, so friendly, helpful and talented. As time goes on, some rather rotten people begin to disappear, and the meat pies become even meatier and tastier if that is at all possible. Red Herrings, Innuendo’s and gossip can run absolute riot in this book.

Now, there you go, another five ideas for you to work through, don’t forget if you do use them, leave a little comment, and mention me someplace okay, see you tomorrow for C (did you ‘C’ what I did there….lol)

A is for…

FeaturedA is for…

Well folks, a day late (oh I got myself Glutened and was very sick all day yesterday, bit better today), but at least I’m getting started now. As you all know my theme is short story or Novel ideas, free to anyone that wants them to use, now if you do choose to use them, leave me a wee note, or mention me someplace, that’s all I ask.

I am well aware that some of these stories won’t be to everyone’s liking, and hey, that’s okay as well, these are the bare seeds, you’ll still have a lot of work to do if they spark anything in you. So, no more procrastination, shall we begin…

ARK (The) This idea is based upon an Ark ship, it contains samples of all life, culture and history of the world it’s leaving / escaping from, it is maintained by a limited crew who oversee all. This crew is handpicked for the job as it’s going to take generations to succeed, but those who are maintaining the ship are only allowed to have one child who they must train up to do their job.

ARTIST (The) A sketch of a picture from a dream, an image of a woman, who the artist then paints, the artist is addicted, and continues to paint their muse in many forms and guises. The original Sketch is hung in their studio where the artist finds themselves talking to it, telling it about their life, their problems, their victories and how one day, even though they don’t think they are good enough they want to have a grand exhibition. The Artist is then offered a show out of the blue, all the paintings exhibited have the woman in them in some manner. A guest of the opening seeing the woman collapses, the image it turns out is that of a long dead ancestor, who was murdered and their killer never found is the killer also in the paintings? Do the pictures show the murder? Why is the artist painting these images?

ATLAS (The) In an old second hand book shop, down a narrow curvy, cobblestone, street (you know the kind), a browser finds, at the very, very, very back, covered in dust and webs, jammed down the side of a bookcase, seemingly long forgotten an old leather bound Atlas (the gold writing on the cover as they blow dust from it gives that away). There is other writing, but it has long since seemingly faded away. The person buys the book, and brings it home, lovingly cleaning the cover with some leather cleaner / restorer, and while making dinner cuts their finger, and some drops of blood fall on the open book. It begins to look brighter, cleaner at once, the buyer leans down and not quite making out a name on a map, places their finger on it, and then vanish, the book whirling around, and vanishing with them, they end up in the place they had been looking at on the map, with the Atlas lying at their feet…

ASSISTANT / ADMIN (The) When you have something that you need to have investigated, or need protecting and a regular P.I or Bodyguard will suffice, this mild mannered, spectacle wearing, Assistant / Admin is who you call. They take up position on your staff and keep you safe while solving your problem. (I can see this running to a series of books like an Author (blackmail), Musician (Drugs or not who they seem), Governing Official (embezzlement), Antiques Dealer (Fraud).

ARTIFACT (The) This is based on an Artifact discovered during a dig, this gives the wearer extraordinary powers and can also be activated by a drop of blood (blood is very powerful in the realms of magic, you can however have it activated by the wearer being from the same family line, or from each of the five elements but I think that one would be trickier). This not only changes the wearer’s abilities but also their appearance, you the writer can decide if they are the good guy, or the bad guy, that is up to you.

…there you go, the first five ideas, hope you liked them. Don’t forget, let me know if you use them, and mention me someplace. Best of luck writers.



Hi folks, wow I’ve been very quiet around here lately haven’t I, well that’s because I’ve been damn busy building a forum, Discord, FB and Twitter presence for the Region that I am unMLing this year which is the Europe: Ireland: Elsewhere Region.

Some Clarifications here:

Forum: is where all the threads concerned with NaNoWriMo take place, there are threads on so many things, from Velociraptor Badges, Like Jails, 50+ buddies, how toos, cooking, other hobbies, running, how to build characters, book clubs and everything you could possibly think off.

Discord: is a chat program that has been mostly used by gamers to talk to each other and is used also by writers and others (I have a knitting / crochet group on there as well). We are using it to chat on wed nights and to cheer each other on on a regular basis.

Facebook: is where the groups FB presence is located and while the numbers are still low at the moment they could build over the next month and even next year.

Twitter: is where I can follow other NaNo groups and individuals and keep track of how they are all doing during the month, as well as our own members and how they are doing.

unMLing: is when you have missed the e-mail deadline to become ML of a region, or are stepping up to be the Municipal Liaison due to the fact that there isn’t one for your region. You don’t have much power, but you can organise all of the above and you can also set some events to take place. Some unML’s are in regions where they can organise face to face meetings, and some like me are not.

The Europe: Ireland: Elsewhere Region is one that covers all of Ireland, for those who don’t have a Region to call their own, who don’t have an ML or just want to join yours. My Region is split a little as there is a group on there who are called the Scoobie Gang, and they write and illustrate Children’s and Young Adult books and their members are all over Ireland as well.

My word count for the passed two days have been rather high which is good, yesterdays was 2,391 and today’s was 3,652 which totals at 6,033 (unless I am way off lol). Bar one or two things, I’m having fun so far!

NaNo’s almost here…

NaNo’s almost here…

As if participating wasn’t enough, this year I am also taking on the role of unMLing for the Ireland Elsewhere region. I’ve set up a discord channel, a Facebook Group, and a twitter account for us all to communicate during the month.

It’s October, and there has been very little take up on any of the sites or the forum itself. I’m hoping it will change, but this year might just be a non goer as far as participants go, it’s been without an ML for a bit.

My Novel has an outline, so I’m ready to rock and roll when it all kicks off. So, who else is participating, are you MLing, unMLing, or a participant of some kind?

Hi all, hows you doing?

Hi all, hows you doing?

All is good at this end of the world, besides a few aches and pains that I wish would just take off and leave me the feck alone. We’ve taken up swimming, once a week and have kept to it the past three weeks, it’s awesome to spend time in the pool and trying to remember how to swim, what’s not wonderful is all my muscles complaining for the rest of the week lol, I’m not sure how long this pain afterward will last, but hopefully it will feck off soon.

NaNoWriMo is almost upon us again, they’ve created a new site, which is in the process of transitioning, it looks cute, and seems easy enough to manage, though with all new things, there will no doubt be some teething troubles. Over there I’m abydos6 if you want to add me, if not, no probs. This year I will be doing Vengeance, which is a Vampire novel about a Vamp called Raine, the idea has sat with me for several years waiting it’s time, I’ve a fair bit of the first draft done, but there is tonnes more to do, enough to see me through the month of November.

T has started Art College, she’s ecstatic and loving the challenge, even if she wants to kill a few of her tutors, they seem to like to confuse the students, but heck, she’s there and it’s her dream, I’ll kill anyone that spoils it!!!

As for my own MA, well Demon Seed is almost ready, I just need to find the ins and outs of what I need to do. I’ve been putting it off, the idea of wandering around the campus pushing a walker isn’t appealing, but I guess if you have to, you have to.

Why not message me back and let me know how you are doing?


Here We Go…

Here We Go…

Evening all, well I’ve resumed the editing on the inter-dimensional second Novel, and resumed typing up of the Vampire Novel. I’m working on motivating myself to keep going as there is a lot of work involved, and I’m eager to do some work on the piece I want to hand in for the MA.

I heard back the other day, and yes, Fantasy, Horror and Sci – Fi are acceptable forms of creative writing, my source had been wrong or misinformed. Though they don’t have a fantasy writer on staff at this point, we can but hope that maybe they will take one on-board before 2020. I know it is a consideration, but I feel comfortable enough going forward with it anyway.

Don’t you love it when you get all excited about something, and just want it now…lol, but I have to wait and have to be patient, I have a lot to keep me busy before I even get around to applying.

On pinterest, I have have started up a couple of mood bords to help with the imagining of my novels.


And not with a whimper, or a bang, but a smile and sad heart, it ended…

And not with a whimper, or a bang, but a smile and sad heart, it ended…

This Tuesday gone, I held the last meeting of my writers group ‘The Writers Moon’ that I will ever chair. My health, and missing meetings due to it caused me to make this decision. I felt that it wasn’t doing the awesome writers any good to have meetings cancelled at the drop of a hat when my back, or being glutened caused me to back out. Never mind the hospital visits.

I am offering the group to anyone in the real world (based in County Clare) that has the time and wants to run it. I do believe that the group should be kept going, but it’s up to them now.

Also along with health issues, there is the procrastination issues I have with not finishing the editing of my second book, which now I hope will get done as I have no more excuses. I have printed it all out, and begun, the first page is already a riot of red ink…

Then, I have a dream, in 2020 I want to apply to do a Masters in Creative Writing at University of Limerick. I have already sent the course director an e-mail inquiring if Fantasy Writing is acceptable as part of the application process, they want 3000 words of creative writing / poetry / music / short story/ Novel…I just need clarity as I was told my kind of writing was not acceptable, which strikes me as strange given that everywhere I’ve looked it’s listed as creative writing and even in some cases as literary.

The writers group has an online home on FB, and Goodreads, these I don’t envision vanishing anytime soon. So, good bye physical group, and hello future.

A2Z Reflection Post

A2Z Reflection Post

What did you love about the challenge this year? This years A2Z was amazing. I have done the challenge before, and when I’ve done those ones, they were all about being a writer and an author, this time, I went a little of the beaten track, I decided, what I was going to do, was do an A2Z on Short Story, or Novel Ideas, which I was then going to give away to anyone that wanted or needed them, the only rules where to mention in the comments which ones you were taking and to mention me someplace. I gotta tell you, that was difficult, coming up with ideas, my poor muse is all tuckered out and not to happy about being locked up for a month…

What would you change about it? I would have all the words done ahead of time and have figured out the timed posts, trying to get the ideas, and then post them was a little like torture, but that might have been the muse getting her own back.

What was the best moment for you during this year’s challenge? Oh that one is easy, the lovely people who stopped by and said the ideas were good. I don’t often believe that the ideas I come up with are anyway good at all, sometimes I think they are down right mad, but hey, now I know better, they are not only mad, but good. I hope those who took some will have fun writing them.

What is the best comment your blog got during the challenge, and who left the comment? To be honest, they were all great comments, I’m just happy that people stopped by and actually liked them.

Will you do the challenge again? Goddess willing, if I am still with us next year, and I have the time, I’d be happy to.

Was it well organized and were the hosts helpful? (Did you fill out the after survey?) I didn’t need the hosts this year, but I did see them on other blogs and they were indeed very helpful to anyone that needed them, I thought the whole thing was very well organised and yes, I filled out the survey.

How did you and your blog grow, change, or improve as a result of this challenge? Did you find new blogs out there to enjoy? I found several blogs that I will be keeping an eye on in the future, and I’m in the process of moving the blog posts from the blog to a page where they can be more easily found if required.

Were you on theĀ Master List? (If you did the challenge last year, was it better this time without the daily lists?) I find not having daily lists easier, especially if like me you haven’t’ pre planned your posts.

Any suggestions for our future? Nope, I think you are just about perfect now.

Any notes to the co-host team? A word of thanks to Jeremy for all his hard work on the graphics? A picture with your A to Z shirt, if you ordered one? Well I didn’t order a shirt, but I will thank Jeremy for his hard work on graphics, and thank the co – host team for all their hard work. I am so looking forward to next year.