Now…where were we???

FeaturedNow…where were we???

Long time no see, how you all doing? I’m good, I’ve been a busy little bee over here, writing away like a little beaver, and trying to get healthy, the good news is that this year didn’t involve a trip to the hospital, the bad news is that I have become a little housebound due to the outbreak of that damn virus.

In my absence from you all I have:

  1. Begun to research and study up on how to do a PHD proposal for which I got permission to look into via the Invalid pension crowd here in Ireland.
  2. Have attended one full open day regarding said PHD, and am heading to UL to go to an open evening, which I hope will still be going ahead on Tuesday even though that virus thing is around.
  3. Have begun the outline editing for ‘Human Relations’ and a little experimental editing of the first self published novel I wrote.
  4. NaNoWriMo camp is starting up soon, I’ll be focusing on the Human Relations editing for that, and have joined several camps, plus started my own under the handle ‘abydos6’.
  5. I am thinking of doing ‘Alien Races’ for my Blogging a to z (we’ll see how that goes).
  6. Had to cancel a Medical thing due to not having a lift to the place, but also because of the virus thingy.
  7. Oil heating ran out, thank the goddess that we’ve the fire as the gas heater ran out.
  8. Finished T’s Jumper, but had rip out sleeves due to them being to long, and have now began knitting them again.

so, like I said, busy, busy, busy….tell me what you all have been doing…

Well That’s NaNo 2020 Done…

I got the challenge before the end of the month of November, which made me very proud. My region also had a good many winners and over achievers in it, and I am very proud of them. I’ve sent out a feedback form, and am looking forward to seeing the responses back.

As we enter December we have started on the ‘now what’ months. The draft we created in November, or partially created is sitting in a neat pile on our desks, or in a file on our computers, what do we do now.

Well for starters, we could finish what we started, working on the habit we’ve built up for ourselves over the past month, until we done with it, and once that is done…we EDIT!

Edit you say, what’s that, well it’s where we take the very rough bit of writing we have just done, and make something more polished out of it. To that end NaNo have created a downloable workbook for people to follow, and I’ve conscripted a five time published, award winning novelist to come on board and answer any of my Wrimo’s editing questions.

I know exciting right…I feel so. Well I have some work to get back to, and some halls to deck, and pressies to sort for yule / crimbo. Here’s hoping the year ahead is going to be awesome and tonnes better than the last one.

Abydos6, The Wicked Writer, Bridgina Molloy

NaNoWriMo in four days….eeekkkk

Well are you ready? Do you have a project that you will be working on? Are you are planner? a panster or a mix of both? Will you be writing a brand new novel (outline), or will you be a rebel and doing an edit? 30 days of covers? a DnD story? or something else.

As ML for the Ireland Galway Region I’m so looking forward to our region kick off on the 31st of October…fancy dress optional…

Brand New Authors Website…

But not to worry, this blog isn’t going anywhere, as a matter of fact, I’m trying to update it, blow the dust off, and give it a brand new look.

I’m looking at some new layouts, but haven’t chosen one yet, so the idea is to keep blogging about writing, and the challenges, but to keep the other stuff separate. All the A 2 Z challenges have been made to the relevant pages on this blogging site (there might be one or two left to move yet).

I’ve moved all the author info stuff over to my site at This is where all the books, articles and locations of short stories will be stored.

Okay…What’s New?

Okay…What’s New?

Where to begin…lets see…It’s time to begin sorting out what you, or I want to write for NaNoWriMo. As I’m a plotter I have an idea, and I’m working on it.

Also this year I got made ML of the Galway Wrimos *small cheer*, and due to Covid everything is going online, and I’ve been busy setting up and sorting out how that’s going to work for my area.

I haven’t been on this thing in quite some time…I have come to the conclusion that I am a baaaaddddd blogger.

till next time…


Just Checking In

So, how is everyone doing? All is well here up the side of the mountain in County Clare.

I have the back of my summer top knitted and started on the front, so I’m thrilled about that.

One novel is almost through it’s edit, the other is getting close to the middle and the third is still at the beginning. I’ve decided that the superhero group needs an overhaul and to be more ‘Irish’ in order to work. The Second one is a rehash of something already out there, and the third is the first novel I ever wrote. I’ve learnt a lot since then, such as it’s okay to dump pages of stuff and change it all up. Which is what I’m doing with it.

No sewing projects have been completed, or beading, I’m still looking for two plastic drawer units so that things can be put away properly in my ‘office’. T’s studio / guest room looks awesome, and the winter clothing has been officially put away until the fall.

I’m still getting through the book I promised to read for a NaNo person, and save the cat novel book.

NOW, tell me how you are doing…

And Z…well, that’s an A2Z Blogging Challenge wrap.

And Z…well, that’s an A2Z Blogging Challenge wrap.

Phew…what a month eh? How’d we all do? I’m telling you I’m exhausted, I took on way too much, between the Camp NaNo, Editing not one but two novels, beta reading a most excellent book, trying to sort out a short story, and now recently signing up for some free open university classes, after finishing the wife’s jumper and starting a top of my own…yup…too much lol.

But it’s done now, and May is a new chance to catch up with some other projects, and get some sewing done. I also realized recently that I need to sort out my main story bible, which all these worlds are supposed to fit into…which is a fairly big job…

I’m thinking of computerizing them, and keeping one draft of the handwritten notes (seriously how many times did I write some of these things out). Anyway…that’s for another day, for today, we are done.

How did you all do? Leave a comment and I’ll come visit and leave a comment, I promise, cross my heart.

How we all doing?

It’s the second last week of Camp Wrimo and of the A2Z blogging, so I thought I’d do a post to see how everyone was?

Covid 19 has us all locked up trying to stay safe while they search for a vaccine, those of us who value our lives and the lives of our loved ones are staying at home, and trying to get on with life. We’re living off what we can scrape together either from government stipends, or by selling our things online (as business’ are all closed, or should be unless they are essential).

Personally I think governments, local councils, and those with the power to do so, should have stopped the bills the closed bushiness’ would be racking up, or at least cut them way, way, way down. Rates for premises should have been put on hold, if you aren’t using things, why be charged for them. It would have encouraged people to do as they were told, and wouldn’t be leading to a bunch of people more worried about their finances and paying their bills, going out and putting us all at risk.

People who have been staying at home also should have these safeguards put in, Electric and heating companies will make out like bandits, and the few quid we have in our pockets may not cover the bills, or the food. We here in our house are still trying to come to terms with a monthly shop, it ain’t easy you know.

I am so lucky to live where I live, up a mountain, the nearest neighbor a few large fields away. Our dog walks are in deserted areas where the logging people have left felled trees for pick up at some later point. I am also lucky that I like to write, knit, sew, crochet, read and enjoy watching movies and TV shows, so my days and evenings are occupied. Some people aren’t so lucky, they have small stuffy apartments, very little in the way of open space, and no hobbies to think of.

One thing about this Virus thing, it’s shown us that previously thought impossible activities online, are suddenly possible, concerts, theater, DnD gaming, knitting groups, etc., We are all, or rather we most of us, are doing our best to hang in there. It isn’t easy, Goddess knows it isn’t, but it couldn’t have been made much, much easier.

Right…puts away soap box…That’s enough of that…

Camp is going ok, I’m no where near my target, and some days there is no writing being done at all. Doubt set in, I found a free crime writing course being done online, and filled out the forms for it. I didn’t get in, too many people, I did get feed back, apparently my punctuation needs a lot of work, and I quite obviously write fiction.

As I had explained in my application, I wanted to do this course to learn more about crime writing. Each of my novels has a crime, or crimes in it. Sure they are committed in a fantasy setting, but they still have to be investigated, someone still has to be held accountable. But that it seems does not matter.

I read the feedback, and at once my spirit’s went down, here was me thinking that genres were well able to cross, as long as you knew what you were doing. Could this be considered some kind of genre snobbery? Oh I chose to think not, we’ll go with ‘class is full, limited amount of places’. I’m still annoyed, but getting back to writing now, so I guess my time to grieve is finally up.

The A2Z is posted, go to the A2Z challange page for 2020, scroll down to after J, there you go, K – P. I’m enjoying these Alien Race creations. I think what I might do is when they are done, I might draw them…I’m a crap artist, but I could perhaps give it a go.

In Knitting news I finished the jumper for T, and have started on a summer top for me, might be done by next summer lol.

So, come on…send me a comment, tell me how you are doing, and leave me a link to your page so I can drop on by and say hi.


A little update…

The camp is going okay…haven’t gotten anywhere near the amount I wanted to write, but have begun a story with the Elsewhere Ireland lot about the theft of a Raptor artifact, a silver claw ring…a list of suspects is being prepared.

The A2Z is going…not so well either, I have the first week done, and the letters actually mostly ready for the week just gone, just not gotten them up yet…yikes! Also please note, the newer posts go up on the page under the previous posts…if you get what I mean…

Misadventure is going…going…halted…but I can catch up with that. I’m expanding on the chapters (loosely used wording) that I had previously.

Short Story was left to one side, need to get going with that again which I did a bit of last night, seems to be going okay.

Free Cork writing course should have notified me one way or another by tomorrow re participation, and no word as of yet, keeping fingers crossed.

Sewing projects on hold, so many, not allowed to add more, but seen some pretties…nope, nope, no…

Knitting on hold…I have about seven projects to finish.

Have mostly sorted the office after helping with the set up of the wife’s art studio (ish) upstairs…still some stuff to do and space to figure out but bringing down project bags and boxes anyway…jenga time.

Remaining in lock down as it’s not lifted yet in Ireland, hurry up with a damn vaccine already, sticking to the rules is difficult when the sun is splitting the rocks.

Thinking of moving website back to webbly, or wix as WordPress is annoying me. I may just leave WordPress as blog…opinions sought and appriciated.

Back and hips are fecked, but hey what else is new lol.