As if participating wasn’t enough, this year I am also taking on the role of unMLing for the Ireland Elsewhere region. I’ve set up a discord channel, a Facebook Group, and a twitter account for us all to communicate during the month.

It’s October, and there has been very little take up on any of the sites or the forum itself. I’m hoping it will change, but this year might just be a non goer as far as participants go, it’s been without an ML for a bit.

My Novel has an outline, so I’m ready to rock and roll when it all kicks off. So, who else is participating, are you MLing, unMLing, or a participant of some kind?

3 thoughts on “NaNo’s almost here…

  1. I’m participating. Although I live in Boise, Idaho, USA so am counted as in the Boise group, I still remain in touch on Facebook with the original group I was with in Kent, UK. This will be my eighth year doing NaNo, and I’m doing a revamp/rewrite/rethink of my 2018 project.

    Good luck with your ML encouragement and your own project.


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