Good morning to the regular followers, and welcome to the new followers.

This morning as I sat down to the computer after several days of procrastinating (serious procrastinating, still in pjs and dozing on the couch), I decided to take some advice that I have been throwing around lately, which was to get up, get dressed and show up for work.

Now before there is a nervous meltdown (fans self as brain begins to boil), let me explain, by get up, get dressed and show up for work, I am talking about trying to instill discipline in my writing routine, so that I write or take care of the business of writing at least once a day, every day. 

Now, what is meant by the business of writing, well that I believe falls under several categories:

  1. E – Mail – checking all emails to see if any of the blogs on writing that I follow have new posts, checking the writing group emails…that kind of thing.
  2. Social Media – now these should be curtailed to only a specific amount of time as they are notorious time wasters, if you have author sites, check them, and up date if you have any as you go along, leave the ‘personal’ ones for later on when you’re sitting in the living room.
  3. Pinterest – I’m mentioning this separately, as I am beginning to use it separately to the other blogs. I hadn’t realized until recently that it could be a boon to researching novels as a kind of mood board, with images that can be used to spark your brain as to characters, time periods, what you see your world looking like. Also please assign your self time to this one, as it’s one of those rabbit holes you can vanish into.
  4. Blogging – on your website (what ever program you have decided to go with), you will more than likely have the ability to blog, while this may take time out of your writing day, it is advisable to use this to it’s full advantage, blog about your book, your process, your solutions, talk directly to your fans. Check out other writers blogs and see what they talk about then see if you can do something similar, or come up with a brand new idea.
  5. News Letters – now I run a writing group in the local library, so a News Letter is part of my regular monthly routine, so for this I need to spend a good couple of hours outlining it, finding the information, typing it up, and sending it off. Some Authors have newsletters that also contain what updates they have on their sites and blogs, now it may seem a little like overkill, but there are actually people out there that don’t use the usual social media platforms, and don’t have time to go look at your lovely website.
  6. Competitions and workshops – look up bookmarked sites that have links to any competitions or workshops that might be coming up. Make notes about these, check out if you have any work ready to go, book flights, hotels, or a lift.
  7. The actual writing – either working on a brand new project, or editing something that you are already working on.

Once you have the ‘business’ of writing done, you are now free to get on with the actual enjoyment of doing what you love to do. Things like house work will need to fit in around it, or your work schedule around the house work. If you work elsewhere at something else for payment, then these things still apply, but your time doing them will be even more restricted, and maybe choosing a day to do one item on the list of the ‘business’ stuff might prove more beneficial, with time each day to write.

Like today, the day like I said I got up and got dressed and got to work, I’ve done most of the things on this list, how do you manage your writing day?


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